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Alissa Sullivan is amazing, she spent the entire day with us helping us learn to become better leaders for our dogs.  For all of our dogs rescues and personal furkids as well.  These two dogs in the picture are two of our rescues that are our personal dogs our permanent family members and they do not get along and will fight to the death if allowed to.  They hate each other yet the Dog Whisperette came over and did what we thought was impossible.  These two acted civil in front of each other and only 4 ft from each other!  She taught us to master the walk with her special leashes she makes as well as her special homemade all natural dog treats she used to entice them to follow commands.  We will be posting more of her info for your reference.  Check her out https://www.facebook.com/DogWhisperette/  She will begin selling her homemade dog treats and you will be sure to find them available right here on our site.  The dogs loved them!!

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