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How Our Adoption Process Works


The first step in our adoption process of course is the application.  Our application is very detailed and covers what we consider vital answers to very important questions.  These questions seem tedious but rest assured there is a purpose behind the many questions.  The purpose is to make sure we can properly suggest a good match between you, your family and your proposed new fury family member.  You may have your eyes set on a particular dog but that does not always mean that dog is right for your lifestyle or your family and vice versa.  Some dogs require more exercise than others, some may need more attention than others, some may need more discipline and some may just not be suitable for families with children or other pets.  Please keep this in mind as you search for your new family member.  We put much time, love, training, rehabilitating and faith in these rescues we save and we want to be sure they go to the right home suitable for both the pet and the family.

After reviewing your application and following up on your references we will contact you to schedule a home inspection.  No worries we are not here to judge, no need to tidy up the house.  We are only concerned with where the pet will live.  We want to be sure it is a safe, clean and happy environment.  We will want to see where the pet will sleep, play and spend the majority of it’s time in it’s new home.  The home inspection usually will only take about 15-20 minutes unless we bring the pet with us upon your request.  If the pet comes with us to a home inspection the visit will take longer depending on if there are other pets or children involved.  We will need to be sure it is a good fit with all of the family members humans and all other pets too.  If we come out to inspect without the pet and we feel it is a good fit then we will contact you to arrange a meet/greet with the pet.  If after the home visit and you meet your potential family member, you find you still need time to think about it, no worries.  We want you to be absolutely certain you are ready to commit to your new family member.

The process is simple, quick and carefully planned.  Our focus is emphasized for the right home, right family and the right new fury family member to seal the deal with success.  This is how we give them the Pet Path, new path in life.  We set them up for success so they never have to be unwanted, abandoned, abused or surrendered to a shelter ever again.

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