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This handsome fella here is totally cute and know it too!  We don’t know his breed doesn’t matter because he is adorable regardless.  He had been urgent for some time in a rural shelter and his time was up-had been up for a while.  We were certain someone would pull him or adopt him but it didn’t happen.  We decided not to wait any longer and not to gamble his life.  He gets along great with other dogs and is pretty playful and young.  He does have heartworms and has been started on the slow kill method.  His test revealed a very low heartworm positive and per the veterinarian treatment via injections is not necessary he should be heartworm free in a few months!  That’s fantastic news for him!  As long as he stays on his heartworm preventives he is good to go.  All dogs should be on preventives and is a requirement for our adoptions anyway so no additional costs or threats to a potential adopter.  He does need work with marking inside the home, which we will work with him on.  He was most likely a yard dog ornament who was given very little attention, no training and no proper preventive care.  All that’s gong to change for him now.

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